LiveSTRONG at the YMCA

LiveSTRONG at the YMCA is a FREE twelve-week, small group program designed for adult cancer survivors, family members and caregivers. This program fulfills the important need of supporting the increasing number of cancer survivors who find themselves in the transitional period between completing their cancer treatment and the shift to feeling physically and emotionally strong enough to attempt to return to their normal life or their "new normal".

Our goal is to help participants build muscle mass and muscle strength, increase flexibility and endurance and improve functional ability. Additional goals include reducing the severity of therapy side effects, preventing unwanted weight changes and improving energy levels and self esteem. In addition to the physical benefits, the program provides participants a supportive environment and a feeling of community with their fellow survivors, YMCA staff and members.

To review and print our LiveSTRONG brochure, please CLICK HERE.

Contact Nicole Bennett at to register for our upcoming free 12-week session. See our latest flyer HERE.